The selection process is completeNow the real work begins!

mei 11, 2023

Selection processes have a beginning and an end. The end is where all contract documents are signed and the signatures are put on the MSA (sometimes followed by a celebratory drink). For the facilitator of the selection process, the work is done. For the client (and the supplier), however, the real work is just beginning; the transition and transformation.

This T&T phase has a significant impact on the time spent by the IT department and the business to implement, test, and adopt the changes. During the selection process, much has been discussed and documented in the plan. However, it is the nuances and intentions that are not always clear on paper.

I always keep a close eye on the T&T project; it helps the client and supplier to stay on track. Any disputes about interpretations can be objectively discussed and resolved. Some clients see the value in this beforehand and proactively ask for a QA role to be fulfilled during the project. It’s really exciting to be able to experience how the outcome of the selection phase is implemented within the client’s business.

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