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Selecting a new supplier is not something you just do. It is a relationship that is entered into for a longer period of time and should bring value to both parties. We advise selection via a dialogue approach so that parties get to know each other during the process.The dialogues outcome ensures a final proposal request that will include all relevant information and expectations.


The selection and contracting process for IT services contract typically involves the following steps:

> Identifying your IT needs: Assessing your current infrastructure and finding areas that need improvement.
> Shortlisting potential suppliers: Creating a list of suppliers that align with your requirements and organizational culture.
> Dialogue for better understanding: Sharing an information package that outlines the scope of the project, desired outcomes, and specific requirements or preferences.
> Dialogue sessions: Invite the shortlisted suppliers to a dialogue session to better get to know each other, and exchange insights on how the requested services can be better or more comprehensively be described in the final Request for Proposal.
> Request for Proposal (RFP): The RFP will be sent out to a number of potential suppliers, inviting them to submit a proposal for the IT services.
> Reviewing proposals: Evaluating proposals based on the criteria outlined in the RFP, including conducting interviews or demonstrations with suppliers.
> Selecting a supplier: Based on the evaluations, the organization will select a supplier to provide the IT services.
> Finalizing contract: Negotiating and signing a contract with the chosen supplier to formalize the agreement.


By using the dialogue process to select your IT supplier, you will not only have the chance to evaluate and confirm that the supplier’s services align with your specific needs and are up-to-date with current market trends, but also to establish a strong working relationship with the supplier. This partnership has been built on mutual understanding, trust and open communication, resulting in a successful and long-lasting collaboration.


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