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Markets and technology are changing and evolving every day. To make sure your IT keeps supporting the business process, a thorough sourcing strategy is essential. It ensures you to align IT services and products with the business strategy and its future evolution.


Generating an IT sourcing strategy involves identifying the specific needs of the organization and determining the most appropriate way to meet those needs. This process typically includes the following activities:

> Requirements assessment: Analysing the organization’s current and future IT needs to support the business processes. This includes the type of technology required, the desired functionality and features, and any other relevant considerations.
> Identifying potential sourcing options: Considering a range of sourcing options, such as purchasing technology in-house, outsourcing to a third-party supplier, or using a combination of both.
> Evaluating potential sourcing options: An overview of the pros and cons of each option and determine which one is the most appropriate for the organization. Factors to consider may include cost, flexibility, scalability, and the level of control desired.
> Developing a sourcing plan: Creating a detailed plan outlining the steps required to implement the chosen sourcing option, including any necessary negotiations or contracts.
> Implementing the sourcing plan: Executing the plan and transitioning to the chosen sourcing option. This may involve establishing new contracts, transitioning to new suppliers, or making other necessary changes.
> Monitoring and reviewing the sourcing strategy: Regularly reviewing the effectiveness of the chosen sourcing option and making any necessary adjustments to ensure that it continues to meet the organization’s needs.


A successful sourcing strategy provides clear objectives for current and future IT developments to ensure they continue to contribute to business processes. It outlines the areas in which to invest, establishes minimum requirements for architecture, security, and compliance, and determines the lifespan of IT services and products.


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NIS2, het gaat er nu echt aankomen dit jaar.  

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Enhancing ITIL/ITSM processes brings significant value to your organisation

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