The Enthusiasm Effect: Transforming Customers into Fans 

okt 10, 2023

Enthusiastic customers! That’s what it’s all about. If you’ve ever seen Steve Jobs launch a product where the audience cheered as if they had received tickets to a concert, then you know what I mean. But how do you generate that excitement?

First and foremost, radiate passion. If you’re not enthusiastic about your own commitment or services, why would your customers be? Let your passion seep into every aspect of your business, from commitment (going the extra mile) to surprising your customer.

Make sure the services you provide truly add value and improve the lives of your customers. Surprise them by offering something they never even thought about.

And finally, don’t be afraid to be different. Think creatively, dare to experiment, and let your unique vision shine. If you do that, satisfied customers will not only become enthusiastic; they will become fans who embrace your commitment and proudly share it. That’s the ‘magic’ of enthusiasm.”

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