Partnership extension with ASICS Technology

nov 20, 2023

ASICS “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” – “a sound mind in a sound body”

Aaron Stafford (Director Security, Infrastructure & Application Services ASICS Technology B.V.)

“I’m pleased to continue our long-standing and valued relationship with Van Dorp Management Consultancy into 2024.

ASICS Technology leads global digital transformation in support of ASICS’ vision to “Create Quality Lifestyles through Intelligent Sport Technology”.  As provider of ASICS’ cloud-first and data-driven IT services, we enable, protect and accelerate our business through solid and sustainable solutions that work across the company.  Partnering with Van Dorp gains us support and experience in IT sourcing, contracting, and optimization capabilities; essential as we continuously improve our services.”

Joep van Dorp (Owner/Management Consultant of van Dorp Management Consultancy B.V.)

“I am proud to support ASICS technology and be part of this wonderful company. A company aiming to help all people achieving a sound mind in a sound body.  In order to accomplish this, they have a team of diverse minds that strives to look at the world from every angle and who can help broaden and deepen the positive impact in society.”

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