ASICS – SASE ZTNA (SSE and IAM) selection process

We are supporting ASICS Global IT since 2020 with their IT sourcing strategy, sourcing selection processes and ITSM process improvements. In our approach we include the people of ASICS’ into our project teams to share knowledge and ensure continuity for the future. Next to the specific sourcing projects, we are helping ASICS’ as trusted advisor on all their IT sourcing challenges, market & technology insights and developments, and service improvements.

The key objective is to establish a secure and cost-effective ecosystem comprising technology, people, and processes that empower ASICS to operate, innovate, and stay competitive. We prioritize the implementation of robust security measures and seek efficiency in our operations while fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

 To ensure the security of our cloud infrastructure, we have appointed a dedicated team to lead ASICS’ secure cloud strategy. Their role is to develop and implement measures that safeguard ASICS’ global mission-critical workloads. By leveraging advanced technologies and best practices, we are committed to delivering services that not only protect ASICS’ assets but also enable us to achieve our strategic objectives.

In our pursuit of efficiency and streamlined operations, we have adopted an “Everything as a Service” approach and embrace the concept of “NoOps” where operations are primarily handled by automation. By automating routine tasks and leveraging external expertise, we can free up our internal teams to focus on higher- value activities, such as innovation and strategic decision-making.

ASICS’ want to achieve a secure, performant, cost- effective and stable Identity Access and Governance Management (IAM) and secure network management solution (SASE, zero trust and cloud based) that assures connectivity to all mission critical application systems of ASICS.

The solution had to integrate/ leverage with current solutions (SD-WAN, CyberSec tools and services (Cisco, CrowdStrike, etc.), existing firewalls such as Cisco, Palo alto, virtual firewalls. For the IAM part to integrate/leverage Active directory (local and Azure), HR systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, SAP IDM etc. The change and incident response management must integrate with ASICS ServiceNow environment.

The activities consist of 4 phases;

  • Managing the process to define the exact scope, transformation, migration and service requirements, service levels and management of the environment.
  • Managing dialogue sessions (RFD) to validate and adjust the request for proposal (RFP) and creating a shortlist based on the dialogue session to send out the RFP.
  • Supervising the selection process and making an objective comparison of both quality and financial comparison.
  • Managing and validating contracting of services (MSA, DPA, GDPR, migration and service delivery & SLA documents)

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