ASICS – Recontracting ServiceNow and Service Provider

We are supporting ASICS Global IT since 2020 with their IT sourcing strategy, sourcing selection processes and ITSM process improvements. In our approach we include the people of ASICS’ into our project teams to share knowledge and ensure continuity for the future. Next to the specific sourcing projects, we are helping ASICS’ as trusted advisor on all their IT sourcing challenges, market & technology insights and developments, and service improvements.

Below an overview of sourcing projects we have been managing for ASICS:

 Selection SAP managed service provider and cloud provider

ASICS is using SAP to support their primary business processes. For its SAP environment, ASICS wanted more flexibility and to be able to work in a more data-driven way. By choosing a public cloud provider and a service provider that manages all the basic tasks around the management and continuity of cloud capacity and SAP, ASICS was given time to really focus on supporting the business.

Selection of managed service provider for Microsoft365 environment

The supporting Microsoft applications including backup and restore functionality needed to be outsourced. Support and functionality has been implemented with the ability to support all regions of ASICS globally. Each region can add the managed service as part of their services towards their business. All this with maximum flexibility to be able to scale up and down services and volumes.

Selection SAP managed service provider for cloud capacity

ASICS has a multi-cloud strategy. Their primary business applications are located at one public cloud provider, but with different accounts whereby every region has his own autonomous responsibility on costs, security and management. By aligning all these activities and services, the total cost of ownership was reduced and all regions has the same baseline for their FinOps, SecOps and CloudOps operations and reporting.

Recontracting of ServiceNow and service provider

For the past years ASICS is using ServiceNow as their ITSM tooling. The support and enhancements where outsourced to a partner. To ensure this cooperation will last for next years, we renewed and adjusted the contract, including newly requirements and service reporting.

Recontracting security tooling

To ensure the continuity, availability, confidentiality and integrity of all ASICS IT infrastructure and devices are protected for unauthorized access of sensitive data and systems, we recontracted and extended the services and protection level with the current tooling supplier.

Contract Lifecycle Management

To provide and maintain insight into all contracts of the Global IT organisation, we created a contracts database containing all essential information. Based on this information, we performed a risk analysis and defined essential milestones. Periodic reports on the existing contracts provide information to the various roles within ASICS (service manager, contract manager, contract owner, business owner, etc.).

Running projects are selection of SASE and ZTNA solution implementation and managed service provider, selection of the EA tool provider, and choosing the right sourcing strategy for their global data platform environment.

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