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We are supporting ASICS Global IT since 2020 with their IT sourcing strategy, sourcing selection processes and ITSM process improvements. In our approach we include the people of ASICS’ into our project teams to share knowledge and ensure continuity for the future. Next to the specific sourcing projects, we are helping ASICS’ as trusted advisor on all their IT sourcing challenges, market & technology insights and developments, and service improvements.

ASICS’s vision is to become a digital driven company, supporting innovation, product development, manufacturing and facilities & (user) communities. Do achieve these goals, a robust and secure IT infrastructure and enterprise application solution is provided to the ASICS global organization and regions. ASICS Technology B.V. (ATB) is implementing, facilitate and support the whole ASICS organization with the cloud technologies, connectivity, ERP software and security solutions.

ATB is taking care of the management and thought leadership of these generic architecture, policies and services, to support the global mission critical workloads and ensure a stable performance that moves along with the agility of the business.

The IT Service Management processes are crucial to support and ensure these goals. ASICS has asked van Dorp Management Consultancy, to have insights of the current ITSM process maturity and be advised on improvements to match their future goals.


To fulfill the needs of ASICS, we are proposing a step by step approach;

  1. Strategy and Vision workshop – to determine the goals and maturity level ASICS’s wants to achieve over time.
  2. ITSM assessment – clear insights of current situation, the outcome will be held against the strategic goals, the gap analyses will determine the activities and priorities.
  3. Service design – consist of process descriptions, awareness sessions, education, service implementation and creating a service catalogue.
  4. ITSM process management – managing, reporting and continuously improving the major ITSM processes.

After it has been implemented within ATB, we can repeat the steps for each region, fine-tune to match their needs.

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