Feenstra – Recontracting Infrastructure MSP

Feenstra and its Managed Service Provider (MSP) have had an agreement for the provision of IT services for quite some time. This agreement needs to be renewed. It is crucial for Feenstra that this new agreement includes IT services that continuously support Feenstra’s business.

It is important that these services are clearly defined and have clear performance indicators. The collaboration between the parties also requires attention and improvement. Due to various interpretations and unmet expectations on both sides, resistance has arisen in the collaboration.

 To achieve this result, Feenstra (demand) and MSP (supply) will collaboratively address these business needs. Part of the demand involves the governance role associated with it. The supply is mostly carried out by MSP, possibly supplemented with services from Feenstra IT.

 Currently, the service delivery to the business is fragmented across multiple service providers and/or infrastructure environments. It is not clear enough who has what responsibility and which service is included in the contracted services.

 The goal is to rationalize the number of suppliers, and establish a good collaboration between the parties, create a clear IT service portfolio, and develop an agreement that clearly outlines everyone’s roles and responsibilities. This includes defining the governance structure and supporting it with relevant reports.

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